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Final Preseason Practice Is In The Books

Fall camp wrapped up this morning, and more importantly, as I write this I'm almost exactly 48 hours away from sitting in the parking lot drinking a beer. Tom O'Brien met with the media after practice and spent a lot of time talking about special teams.

How much have you been able to work on kickoffs and how is Niklas Sade's leg on kickoffs?

We've worked on kickoffs the normal progression as we go along. He goes through a normal game week. I think he's been fine. It's going to be interesting to see what happens Saturday night the first time he kicks off, to see where it goes. He's been good enough in practice. He's gotten enough elevation, he's got enough depth on the ball I think to be able to hold them back and end up with decent field position.

But once again the whole kicking game depends on how they react once the lights turn on and everything starts going Saturday night.

TOB released the injury report as well, which thankfully includes no surprises. Greene, Sweezy, Wallace, and Winkles.