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Wake Forest 34, NC State 27

I had a wedding to attend Saturday afternoon and because of that I only caught the first and last five minutes. Not such a bad deal, as it turned out. From now on I'm going to try to schedule a wedding for every road game at Wake Forest. That way nothing will get broken since I won't have the chance to watch another limp defensive effort beaten by the same old Jim Grobe sleight of hand.

I didn't feel great about State's defensive performance against Liberty, but I was willing to wait and see how those guys fared in week two before starting to worry. I'm not sure what the difference is right now--maybe someone who saw the game can help here--but for whatever reason they haven't picked up where they left off in 2010. Is it the injuries up front? Is Audie Cole struggling to adjust to his new position? Why the hell were we fooled by Wake Forest trickery as old as this Winston-Salem losing streak? Maybe I'll go take a look at this game later in the week. Don't really have the stomach for it right now.