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Mark Gottfried Is Skydiving Into Carter-Finley On Saturday

Can we give him twice the standard parachute allotment? NC State shit and all that.

The plan is for Gottfried to latch onto a trusted tandem jumper and land at the 50-yard line before kickoff of Wolfpack's home football game against South Alabama. The person who will be guiding Gottfried to land is the same man who helped former President George H.W. Bush jump on his 80th birthday.

"I figured if he could survive it, I could survive it,'' Gottfried said. "The No. 1 reason is to bring attention to our military since it's military appreciation week. I want to say thank you to them. But we're also trying to get attention for NC State basketball.''

I wonder if he can somehow leverage this into a recruiting advantage. Maybe bring a camera along to record a message. "Hi, Rodney, it's Mark Gottfried. If you come to NC State, every day of your life will be like a Mountain Dew commercial. I am plummeting toward the earth at an incredible and terrifying rate and all I'm thinking about is you."