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Wednesday Teleconference Notes

TOB says the defensive intensity is up in practice:

I think there's been more intensity. There's certainly been a sense of urgency, even to a casual observer. I asked today what you think. It seems like everybody is practicing harder. So I think that's a good sign.

It's a good sign until someone gets hurt, but really, what are the odds of something like that happening around here? I'll feel better after Saturday if this translates into a focused effort that puts away South Alabama quickly. If they're somehow able to hang around like Liberty did, well, I just don't know, man. I just don't know.


Defensively they're very well-coached, good technique, play with their hands up front, look like they have great speed, can cover guys. As usual when you play the team South Alabama, that level, there's always transfers from the SEC, ACC, other schools that come in and they put them at their skill positions that are pretty good players.

I was looking at this earlier in the week. South Alabama has about nine transfers from I-A schools, and five of those are starters. Free safety BJ Scott, who was #28 in the Rivals top 100 coming out of high school, transferred from Alabama. Their place kicker also began his career with the Crimson Tide. Starting corner Damond Smith came from Western Michigan. Middle linebacker Jake Johnson came from Virginia Tech, where he actually saw some time on the field. Running backs Kendall Houston and Demetre Baker came from Arkansas State and Georgia, respectively. Baker was rated a 4-star recruit by Scout, 3-star by Rivals. So they have some solid I-A talent sprinkled in there. It's not enough to give them a real shot on Saturday, but these are some of the kids to keep an eye on.