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Military Appreciation Day Schedule

From GoPack:

3:45 p.m. - Wounded Warriors arrive at Coke Tailgate, escorted by Raleigh PD and Patriot Riders Motorcycles
4 p.m. - Military Tailgate, 82nd Airborne Chorus performs at Alumni Tailgate
5 p.m. - Wounded Warrior Walk of Champions (Dail Plaza North)
5:52 p.m. - B2 Bomber Flyover
6:02 p.m. - Coin toss with Maj. General Tim Peppe (Air Force)
1st quarter - Introduction of WWII veterans on field
2nd quarter - Introduction of Wounded Warriors
Halftime - 9/11 Remembrance video
• Full field-sized flag unfurled, held by military, firefighters, police
• ROTC Ranger parachute team, accompanied by State men's basketball coach Mark Gottfried jumps into stadium.

Looks like Mark Gottfried won't be dive bombing into our hearts until intermission.