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South Alabama Offensive Coordinator Greg Gregory Previews Saturday's Game

"I think C.J. Bennett is the best (college) quarterback in the state of Alabama. He’s a player. He can really throw it. Smart, sees things. When he tells you something happened on the field, that’s what happened. He is very polished. And he’s very excited to be here. He’s as accurate as you want, has as quick a release and the biggest thing is his willingness to pull the trigger. He’s got the best release I’ve ever been around.

"You know that sound a guy makes in the movies when he's doing a karate chop or whipping a sword around through the air really fast? It's just like that. Every pass play is a brilliantly conceived ninja-knight vignette. I don't even see his hand most of the time, it's just a blur of a thing and then we have points.

"I think the question mark the so-called experts had about our football team, the offensive line, might be the strength of our offense. I think those guys know how to play. They block. They're not the biggest, but they don't have to be, they block. They run, they're athletic and they're competitors.

"We block better than a lot of football teams that you see on tape. I think we have enough talent to compete with anybody we play. I don’t really worry about our line. They are tough and they are going to compete. I don’t think it will be a major issue for us.

"Of course, I don't bother with much tape once the year gets started. Did see a little bit on this Lamar team one time though. What the hell kind of a school name is that, anyway? Normally you'd want to leave a little something to the imagination, but these guys just come right out with a name that says 'we're insignificant and terrible at sports.' Take South Alabama. There are tons of directional schools at the highest level, several of which are good from time to time, sometimes in more than one sport. So the casual observer might be inclined to lump us right in there. Now, we aren't there yet. But there's that mystery to the name. I'll say this for Lamar, though--you'd never guess that shit is in Texas. Nor would any of the high school football players in that state."