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Kevin Kelley Is Still Awesome

I've mentioned Kelley a time or two in this space before--he's the high school football coach who refuses to punt and attempts onside kicks more often than not. And that means he is pretty much my football Bo Ryan. This story was making the rounds yesterday:

With Kelley calling plays, Pulaski scored on its first drive. Naturally, the Bruins then attempted an onside kick, which they recovered. Soon, they scored another touchdown. They repeated the drill -- onside kick, recovery, touchdown -- again. And then again. With 8:35 left in the 12-minute first quarter, Cabot trailed Pulaski 29-0 and had yet to run a play from scrimmage.

As Pulaski prepared to attempt its fourth onside kick, Cabot called timeout.

They forced the other team to call a timeout to halt a run of onside kicks! According to the article, Kelley has 12 different onside kicks in his playbook (check out the one at the 1:30 mark; you can do that?!). After Kelley's team was finally forced to play some defense, this happened:

On defense, Pulaski put all 11 players in the box, leaving every receiver uncovered. The strategy worked, too, as the quarterback misfired under the pressure (and, surely, the unprecedented experience) of facing an 11-man rush.

Back the old days of EA's NCAA football game, calling the field goal block play on defense over and over and over used to work ridiculously well. Kevin Kelley is truly living the video game football dream.