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Terrell Manning Will Miss The Cincinnati Game

Terrell Manning injured a knee in the first half against South Alabama and did not return to the game. Today NC State announced that Manning is going under the knife and won't be ready to play against the Bearcats on Thursday night.

If you're scoring at home, and lord knows you shouldn't be, this is something like the sixth member of the defense's two-deep to suffer an injury or leave the program since late July. Byrd, Sweezy, Rieskamp, Teal, Grant, Manning. We could get Rieskamp back on Thursday but probably won't know until game time since NC State isn't likely to release an official injury report ahead of time. (Update: just kidding. Here's the injury report. Rieskamp is indeed good to go.)

As for Manning, we'll just have to hope that the surgery is minor and he'll be able to come back and help us in October and November.