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Lessons In Efficiency, Starring Shirtless Beattie Feathers

Via Brian @ Streaking The Lawn comes this note from the National Football Foundation:

September 30, 1944- N.C. State set an NCAA record by amassing the fewest yards ever gained by a winning team in a 13-0 triumph over Virginia in Norfolk, Va. The Wolfpack earned the win despite amassing just 10 yards of total offense on the day. N.C. State also became the only team in college football history to ever win a game despite recording zero first downs on the day.

That is... I don't even know how you do that. But I'm not surprised it was Shirtless Beattie Feathers who found a way to do it successfully. Could you take players from one side of the ball and add them to the other as long as the total was still 22? That's really the only scenario that makes sense here, short of Virginia turning over the ball ten times in its own territory.


We gonna go inside of 'em, coach?

Not especially, no.

Outside of 'em?

Not as such, no.