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Georgia Tech Items

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-- Last year's loss to NC State remains stuck in Paul Johnson's craw, which is horrible news. Many observers close to the Georgia Tech football program have estimated that it takes anywhere from 60 to 75 points to remove something from Paul Johnson's craw. Take Kansas for example. After last year the Jayhawks were way up in there. (There being Paul Johnson's craw.) This year Johnson's offense set a school record in yards per carry on the way to 66 points. That said, Johnson's specific words were that it was stuck "a little bit," which arguably implies that he will need no more than 45 points.

-- TOB says it's important not to lose your keys.

"They do a lot of things to try to work your eyes and get your eyes off your keys," O'Brien said.

"You can't be staring into the backfield looking at the quarterback. You've got to be watching everything else that's going on and not the quarterback if you're going to have any chance at all against that offense."

I'm sure we'll do a fine job in this area and nothing bad will happen. Speaking of this game, could we reschedule it to never?

-- Georgia Tech has an offensive lineman named Uzzi. Tech's offensive linemen refer to themselves as the Goon Squad. They had an opportunity for a Princess Bride reference but they totally blew it. "You are the brute squad!"

-- Jeremiah Attaochu (good names on this team) is "a major force" at linebacker.

-- This Q&A with Tech B-backs and quarterbacks coach Brian Bohannon is pretty informative. Interesting thing about Tech's offense: they don't run the triple option all that much. Bohannon says they ran it 4-5 times against the Tar Heels.

The Yellow Jackets are doing it despite hardly ever running their staple play, the triple option. They ran it four or five times in Saturday’s win over North Carolina. In other games, Tech might run it 15 times.

The offense’s success is testament to the flexibility of the spread option scheme, the depth of playmakers and the playcalling of coach Paul Johnson. Defenses are geared up to stop the triple option, Johnson said, so he’s called other plays to counterattack.

"No use forcing it," Johnson said.

-- Tech has had issues with kickoffs. Johnson:

If you break down our kickoff coverage team, they gave up 18 yards a return? In the big picture that's what matters, where they start, but it's pretty hard to hold them inside the 20 if you kick it to the 20. We've got to do a better job kicking the ball. If you can hold people to 18 yards on a return on average that's actually pretty good.

The Jackets are 91st in the country in average kickoff distance (61.5 yards) and two kicks have landed out of bounds.

-- Georgia Tech school officials would appreciate it if students stopped stealing every available 'T' on campus.