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The Year In College Football

Over at the mothership, Bill Connelly put together a list of his top 100 games of the 2011 college football season, and NC State makes a couple of appearances on the list, with the highest being, of course...

23. N.C. State 56, Maryland 41 (Nov. 26). The season's two greatest comebacks actually had nothing to do with Texas A&M. N.C. State trailed 41-14 with 10:51 remaining in the third quarter, then proceeded to score six touchdowns in 21 minutes to not only come back, but win by double digits.

As for the second best game of NC State's season, it pretty much has to be the Belk Bowl or the surprising dismantling of Clemson, right? There wasn't a whole lot of drama or classic finishes on the schedule this year. Beating Carolina is always nice, but that game was a snoozer. The Wake game would be an easy #2 if the Pack had managed to pull off that comeback.