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Pick To Click Rewind: Georgia Tech Edition

In the Georgia Tech preview, I took a guess at which player that had been terrible all year would have a surprisingly good game against NC State. It's the NC State Shit Pick To Click, and all the kids are gonna be playing it by midseason.

The pick: Mfon Udofia

Udofia has struggled to shoot the basketball throughout his career, and it's probably good that he doesn't take more than an average percentage of the shots. In addition to that sub-30% outside shooting last year, he hit 41% of his twos and 57% of his free throws. Total epidemic.

This is your NC State Shit pick to click, by the way.

Udofia scored 17 points on 5-8 shooting, including a 3-4 effort from three. He hit 50% of his twos and 67% of his free throws.

Verdict: Hit. No opposing player better exemplified NC State Shit than Mfon Udofia on Wednesday night.

After incorrectly pegging Maryland freshman guard Nick Faust, who was 1-5 from the field against the Pack, the official Pick To Click success rate stands at 50%.

Up next: Wake Forest, which presents several good choices. Tough field to handicap.