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NC State Takes Care Of Wake Forest, 76-40

I'll get to the stats whenever the official box score is released, but the numbers really are beside the point on days like today. Wake Forest looked disinterested and lost throughout Saturday afternoon's game and probably would have lost to last year's Wake team with this performance. I'm not sure the 36-point margin adequately describes just how bad they were today.

At one point in the first half, with State up 19-10, the Pack squandered a number of opportunities to extend the lead, and it seemed at the time like that could be a segment that could come back to haunt, but it turned out Wake was going to be that terrible all day, and the Pack's offense would eventually find some rhythm.

Travis McKie never got himself going, or really looked like he wanted to, and C.J. Harris played poorly, and it's obviously tough sledding for the Deacs if they aren't getting anything from those two guys.

Lorenzo Brown was outstanding after a passive start to the game and scored 20 points. Richard Howell picked up another double double, and Scott Wood hit a couple of free throws to extend his streak. DeShawn Painter took too many jump shots, C.J. Williams took way too many threes, and Calvin Leslie didn't score. So there were frustrations amid the successes, as usual, but nothing worth dwelling on.

It's just good to see the team respond well to a loss and pick up a crucial win on the road.