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The Anatomy Of A Historically Bad Offensive Performance

Four Factors NCSU Wake
eFG% 50.7 30.9
Turnover Rate 13.3
Off Reb Rate 32.4 22.5
FT Rate 14.9 14.5

40 67.8 59.0 59.0
NCSU 76 67.8 112.1 112.1

Box Score

Looking through the Pomeroy archives, it looks like this was State's stingiest defensive effort since the Pack held NC Central to 29 points on 59 possessions back in January 2008. Actually that is the only game in the archives--which go back to 2003--in which the Pack allowed fewer points per possession than they did on Saturday.

Wake Forest's near-perfectly inept performance was a truly herculean all-around effort. They turned the ball over on one out of every four possessions, missed a ton of shots inside and out, and hardly grabbed any offensive boards.

Pick To Click Update: I'm now 1-3 after missing on Chase Fischer, who was just 2-7 from the field.