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Super Early Conference Check

Order has been restored, as NC State has the largest positive point differential in the ACC through the middle of January.


Hmm? Sorry, I blacked out for a second. It's way too early in league play to take anything from the scoring margins posted to date, since said margins could be skewed by, oh, let's say...a 36-point win at Wake Forest. But at the same time, look at how much better than Carolina we are!!!!111

ACC Games Only Off_Eff Def_Eff Margin
NCSU 108.1 93.8 +14.3
Duke 110.8 102.1 +8.7
FSU 101.0 92.9 +8.1
UMd 100.5 94.6 +5.9
Clemson 100.5 95.0 +5.5
UNC 95.9 92.8 +3.1
UVa 95.7 97.4 -1.7
GT 102.5 106.0 -3.5
VT 88.3 92.9 -3.8
BC 87.0 96.1 -9.1
Miami 84.3 98.4 -14.1
Wake 83.5 103.6 -20.1

(With thanks to StatSheet.)

Half the league is scoring less than a point per trip, which I really hope doesn't hold up. Small sample size rules the numbers at this point, of course, so it's hard to speculate on that one. But I insist it not hold up. I can't deal with that holding up.