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Calvin Leslie Back In Starting Lineup For BC Game

Calvin Leslie had some sort of incident in practice that caused Mark Gottfried to take him out of the starting lineup on Saturday, but now everything's cool and I wouldn't expect anything like this to happen again until it happens again. Ankle willing, Leslie will be back in the starting five on Thursday night, according to Gottfried.

Coach, how do you expect No. 5 to respond for the discipline you gave him for the Wake game?
I believe very well. We haven't practiced yet, we took yesterday off and we will practice today, but my anticipation is that he is going to come back, if his ankle is well, which I think it is better, and be very good. Which I think he's been for the most part this year so I don't anticipate anything other than that.

Hope he's right about that. State has to have a healthy and invested Leslie if the team's going to have the kind of success in league play it needs to make the NCAAs.