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NC State 76, Boston College 62

Four Factors NCSU BC
eFG% 55.5 47.6
Turnover Rate 22.1
Off Reb Rate 41.2 21.1
FT Rate 15.6 11.3

62 72.5 85.5 104.8
NCSU 76 72.5 104.8 85.5

Box Score

I would have liked to see State close out the Eagles with a little more purpose--Boston College should not have been allowed to get inside 20 points, much less outscore the Wolfpack in the second half--but the killer instinct thing is still a work in progress. That's okay. I felt like our turnover rate was a function of carelessness moreso than anything else, but what are you gonna do. Shrug. Might as well get some good shruggin' on in there. It was a game we had to have and it was never in doubt after the post-21-21 tie run in the first half.

Scott Wood led the Pack with 16 points and Calvin added 14 despite once again having to leave in the second half because of cramps. Richard Howell grabbed 16 boards, while Lorenzo Brown handed out 11 assists. C.J. Williams was solid and efficient as we've come to expect him to be, but he had to leave in the second half with what appeared to be a shoulder injury. Always gotta be something around here.