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Jon Tenuta Taking Defensive Coordinator Job At Illinois?

This rumor hit the tubes earlier in the afternoon, and while I have no clue as to the reputation of the website responsible for it, it's probably something worth keeping an eye on:

Illinois: We have been told that Jon Tenuta will be the defensive coordinator at Illinois.

[Update: This rumor was apparently first reported by]

Pack Pride had this to say:

We haven't heard anything yet on the Tenuta rumblings. He was also linked to the DC gig at Kansas under Weis.
So we'll see. I have to wonder how the fan base would respond if Jon Tenuta moved on for a DC job elsewhere while Tom O'Brien held on to whipping boy Mike Archer. Judging by the early response on Twitter, there aren't many people who'd have a problem with replacing Archer with Tenuta. There still is a lot of frustration bubbling under the surface despite a strong finish to the year, and it wouldn't surprise me if losing Tenuta increased the heat a bit on TOB heading into 2012.