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NC State Basketball RPI Update 1/23

Florida State is the big winner in the ACC this week, not surprisingly; the Noles moved up 25 spots to No. 23 following their big win in Durham. NC State moved up three spots to No. 55, and in not-so-good news, Virginia plummeted out of the top 50 after losing at home to Virginia Tech. I don't care about Virginia's tournament case, but I really would appreciate it if they counted as a top 50 win.

So as it stands now, we have four opportunities for top 50 wins. We'll just have to hope the Cavs can get themselves back over the threshold (after a loss this weekend, of course). It doesn't strike me as likely that Miami or Virginia Tech will be able to crack the top 50 at this point, but I suppose anything is possible.

#3 Duke
#13 UNC
#23 Florida State

#53 Virginia
#55 NC State
#67 Miami
#68 Virginia Tech

#96 Maryland
#101 Wake Forest

#154 Georgia Tech
#171 Clemson

#221 Boston College