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Zombie Nerf War Likely Responsible For Reports Of Gunmen On NC State's Campus

NC State issued a couple of alerts earlier on Wednesday warning students about reports of possible gunmen on campus. There also happens to a big humans vs. zombies battle thing happening on campus today, and it appears that's what led to the reports.

#NCSU telling #ABC11 the emergency alert was sent out in an abundance of caution .. believed sighting is related to Zombie Neft [sic] War - WOW

Looking at how the kids involved in this game dress, it's not surprising that they might alarm someone who has no idea what's going on. Dudes have some big Nerf guns, too.

Humans vs. Zombies is essentially a huge game of tag, with the humans rocking those huge Nerf guns to fend off the hordes of undead. I've always wanted to be in a zombie apocalypse, so I probably would have been interested in this in college.