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In Re: The Further Continuance Of Olive Branch Extendage

It's always nice when you can make it through a day like today without all the petty invective and replace it with the sense of mutual admiration that has come to define this series. UNC blogger Monica Biddix is all aboard the friend ship:

Personally, I think NC State Heel Haters are merely suffering from an inferiority complex. So NC State, let’s stop the hate. We’re brothers from another mother. You know us state-supported schools got to stick together.

That's exactly what I've been saying, sister! One love.

I know it’s hard being the red-headed step-child among two, blue titans of college basketball. But remember State students and alumni, if there were no Chapel Hill, where would you meet girls? So, start up those tractors and come on over. We’ll leave the lights on for you . . . right before we shoot them out.

It is, Monica, it really really is. We went through a period we weren't proud of for a while, and we lashed out at the University of North Carolina, our greatest, most loyal ally. For that we are deeply sorry and eternally grateful for your steadfast support during our time of need.