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That Looked Familiar: UNC 74, NC State 55

Four Factors NCSU UNC
eFG% 44.7 52.3
Turnover Rate 23.9
Off Reb Rate 15.4 42.9
FT Rate 15.8 20.3

55 71.2 77.2 103.9
UNC 74 71.2 103.9 77.2

Box Score

It's disappointing that the game tonight was so similar to the games in Chapel Hill under Sidney Lowe, but it's easier to stomach because I don't doubt our effort they way I would have in the past. So that's progress. State had no answer for Ty Zeller or John Henson down low, and those two affected the game in the fashion necessary to make this Tar Heels team good enough to win a national title. I'm sure I wasn't alone in hoping that that those first two buckets--a surprisingly deft move by Richard Howell and a banked-in three by Lorenzo Brown--were omens.

For a brief period it seemed like it could be one of those bizarre performances that would lead to a surprising win, but of course it didn't take long for the Heels to help reality set in. They destroyed State on the glass and limited the Pack to 12-37 shooting inside the arc. That's a brilliant all-around interior defensive effort, and far more than we could hope to overcome.

At least nobody got shot by a BB gun.