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BC's Patrick Heckmann Out For A Month After Enjoying College A Lot

Boston College will be without Patrick Heckmann for a month or so, according to Steve Donahue:

"Patrick has mono," Donahue confirmed after the game."It's going to be a long time,probably the whole month of February without him, so we get him back in March."

Yep, that'll happen. Unfortunately for this Boston College team, this was really not something they could afford to happen. Say this for Donahue, though, he's treated this season the way he needed to: 10 players are averaging double digit minutes. So it's an opportunity for some other terrible basketball players to get some extra time on the floor and theoretically become less terrible at basketball in the long run. Personally, I don't like their odds.

Heckmann was one of four Eagles averaging 9-point-something points per game, and one of the few who had shown decent shooting accuracy inside and out.

"Great, now I get to take more shots!" -- Matt Humphrey.

"Great, now Matt Humphrey has to take more shots." -- lamentation from everyone else.