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NC State Football Recruiting: National Signing Day Flippy Floppy Watch

NC State's 2012 football recruiting class is likely finished with the addition of juco linebacker Robert Caldwell over the weekend, but of course there's plenty that can change during the craziness that is national signing day, and there are a few State commitments who are being courted by other schools.

Here are some names to keep an eye on tomorrow:

DE Kenderius Whitehead -- Georgia is recruiting Whitehead despite his recent commitment to NC State, and since Whitehead is from that state, he might have second thoughts if they really press him. This is pure speculation, mind you. I don't have any inside info, though I am currently indoors. BCS offers: NCSU, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Clemson, Tennessee, Miami FL, Nebraska, UNC, Arkansas, Virginia Tech, etc.

WR Charlie Hegedus -- Recently picked up an offer from Oklahoma State. BCS offers: NCSU, Ok State, Purdue.

S Jarnor Jones -- Visited Kentucky over the weekend. BCS offers: NCSU, Kentucky, WVU, Vanderbilt.

RB Lakeith Walls -- Visited Illinois in January and also picked up an offer from Iowa. BCS offers: NCSU, Illinois, Iowa, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Duke, Louisville, Northwestern.