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Jon Tenuta Will Stay At NC State

On Tuesday, the University of Illinois announced the addition of three coaches to Tim Beckman's staff, including Jon Tenuta. On Wednesday, Tenuta released a statement announcing that he will stay at NC State. His full statement is up at the Illinois athletics site.

" family comes first and I may have made a decision without fully thinking through the situation with them. My son is a senior in high school and has signed a letter of intent to play baseball at N.C. State, and it is something I just don't want to miss. I was one of the first people to contact Beck and congratulate him on the opportunity at Illinois, and I wish him and the Illini nothing but the best."

Based on various rumblings, it sounds like Tenuta-to-Illinois was never quite as set in stone as the Illini release made it appear, and according to Pack Pride, Tenuta and NC State have negotiated a deal that includes a big raise.