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Audie Cole Reportedly Selected To Play In Senior Bowl

A tip of the cap to Brett Friedlander for pointing out this report in Audie Cole's hometown newspaper:

Monroe graduate Audie Cole has completed his football career at North Carolina State, but he will have one last hurrah.

Cole has been chosen to play in the Senior Bowl Jan. 28 in Mobile, Ala. The all-star game will be carried on the NFL Network at 4 p.m.

The Senior Bowl has slowly been announcing additions to the rosters via Twitter, but so far there's nothing official about Cole on the Senior Bowl website.

As Friedlander also points out, there is a report indicating that Russell Wilson has been invited to play in the game as well, which is no surprise. Maybe Audie Cole will end up having to chase down his former teammate.

No telling if any other NC State players end up on the rosters, but T.J. Graham and George Bryan would figure to be two of the most likely candidates.