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This Week in ACC Twitterings: I Been Dissed Edition

I'm a real journalist, dammit.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to your ACC Tweets of the Week post, where we highlight the funniest stuff said in 140 characters or less, about any and everything related to ACC Sports. Remember, send your suggestions here.

Folks, I've been dissed. That's short for disrespected. Slighted. Sold short. I've just been plain old hung out to dry.

If you are wondering why I feel so wronged, check this crap out. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Did you notice the glaring omission? Need to go back and read this garbage again? Go ahead, I have all flippin' day.

That's right, there's no Undertoe listed there. Nope, not one word. Do these people not know who I am?!?

As I type this, our very own Russell Wilson is playing the San Fransisco 49ers on the NFL Network. I like to compare myself to him, in a way. I am the 5 foot Nine quarterback of this here blog. You got the head coach, Akula Wolf, (who also "helped cultivate this list") so sure, he gets mentioned in the article. Then you got the Offensive line of this team, Omega Wolf, so certainly he would get a mention as well. But me? Oh hell no. The too- short- not- enough- arm- strength guy that wills this web site to victory? Not so much as a mention. I mean, I'm called the tweet guy around here ferchrissakes!

TampaPack and The StrenghtoftheWolf should be pissed too. Wait, do you guys use Twitter?

That's OK, though. I relish the role of underdog. My 27 followers will be treated to all kinds of snark this season when basketball gets going. That is, unless, we liveblog those bitches and I use it all up here. Then, only our 6 readers will get to enjoy it.

On to the Tweets!

We had some OK games on Saturday. UNCheat played Miami, which led to this:

Yeah, little pot calling the kettle names going on there. How about us, kicking some bye ass???

Apparently, the Dookies practiced at an undisclosed location in Ft. Bragg last week. Solid contribution from the dark overlord here:

Ha haaa, yuppie. Back to former Wolfpack QBs for a minute, wow PR stunk it up the other night, didn't he? Here is one theory:

Ouch. Finally, we had Basketball Media Day. I love Basketball. It's my favorite sport. I love the way they dribble up and down.....OK:

I guess ol' Bubbleguts is letting his hair grow out. This one cracked me up:

Good stuff. And, on the media day theme, here is the Tweet of the week:

Oh ho ho ho, that is some good comedy.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody, and be nice to your neighbors.