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Tampa-Pack’s ACC Football Power Rankings - Week Eight

#NCStateShit on and off again, like a light switch....

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

This weekend was the father and son(s) Cub Scout camping trip, so most of my Saturday was spent actually giving little thought to college football. Somehow, around the end of those 3:30 games, most of the fathers and I were socializing around our cell phones locked into our respective games. One of the pack leader’s wife is a wolfie, so we both shouted out in unison about the same time as that football hit the upright. Just prior to that, we concluded that #NCStateShit was back again, and I got to share with all the other fathers the meaning of #NCStateShit. I also LOVE that the live blog has well over 550 comments. Can’t wait to read through them, there must be some GOOD stuff in there.. Anyway, back to the rankings....

1 (1) Florida State - The Seminoles took care of Miami to remain at the top of the heap.

2 (2) Clemson - A pretty sound beating (on the scoreboard anyway) of the Hokies.

3 (4) NC State - A ROAD win over Maryland is enough for third place in this here conference. Meeting the Tarheels next week for their bowl game. Should be fun, and it starts early, so plenty of time to gloat afterwards, right?!?.

4 (7) Duke - 6-2 and 3-1 in conference has Duke bowl eligible. Must be a really weird feeling in Durham this morning. What better way to do it than over the Heels?

5 (3) North Carolina - This week the their bowl week. Coming off a tough loss to one rival, better get ready for another.

6 (5) Virginia Tech - Certainly a down year for the Hokies in an overall down season for the conference.

7 (6) Miami - Couldn’t get it done against FSU.

8 (8) Maryland - What could have been. #NCStateShit obviously feel asleep for one play.

9 (9) Georgia Tech - Took their turn beating up on BC.

10 (10) Wake Forest - Beat a really disappointing Virginia team.

11 (11) Virginia - Wow, Virginia is a team many thought would be a surprise. Obviously the surprise is how bad they’ve done this year.

12 (12) Boston College - In a tough battle with Virginia for the basement.

(X) indicates previous ranking. As always, I welcome your feedback and thoughts. Go PACK!