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NC State Band Members Go To Chapel Hill, Hilarity Ensues

Mike Ehrmann

In my Twitter client, I keep a column dedicated to mentions of "NC State" because it helps me catch news I might otherwise have missed, and because often times there is a lot of unintentional comedy involved. On Wednesday night, I noticed something odd--suddenly a bunch of UNC students were complaining about hearing the NC State fight song on their campus.

(Warning: NSFW language.)

As it turns out, a portion of the marching band traveled to Chapel Hill in order to blare State's fight song from dorm to dorm, which is hysterical. It's also way more effective than UNC's go-to prank, which is painting the Free Expression Tunnel during game week. Twitter is evidence enough of its effectiveness. I included a lot here because I just could not narrow these down. To see more reactions, scroll through my Twitter feed.


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