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ACC Will Keep 8-Game Football Schedule; NCSU Will Play UNC Twice A Year In Hoops

As had been expected, NC State and UNC will continue to have home-and-homes every basketball season.

Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The ACC had planned on a shift to nine league games in football following the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh, but those plans changed following the recent addition of Notre Dame as a "half member" in football.

That led to a potential crunch in nonconference schedules, which would have been reduced to three games for each team, especially for Florida State, Clemson and Georgia Tech, which each annually play an SEC rival out of the conference.

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And as expected, the addition of Notre Dame has altered the basketball format such that NC State and UNC will play home-and-homes every year. Carolina is once again a primary partner of NC State, but you'll always be the only primary partner in our hearts, Wake Forest. Because we like you so much more.

The league also decided on some concrete ACC tournament plans--the tournament will begin on a Wednesday now, with three games played that day. The top four seeds get byes to Friday. Will that be fun? Possibly! Though the last round of expansion certainly didn't do the tournament many favors.