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Tampa-Pack’s ACC Football Power (LOL) Rankings - Week Eleven

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Of COURSE we beat Wake, right? Whatever! Bama lost, so could the Fighting Irish really slip into the Championship Game? #GoparttimeACC!

Grant Halverson

1 (1) Florida State - Took care of VT to all but wrap up their place in the ACC Championship Game.

2 (2) Clemson - Thumped Maryland to hold on to 2nd.

3 (5) Virginia Tech - Are they really the 3rd best team in the conference? It isn’t like anyone else has stepped up to claim anything really.

4 (3) North Carolina - Roy Williams and the boys went cold in the second and couldn’t stop the Jackets in the 2nd half. UNC doesn’t exactly play a whole lot of defense.

5 (4) Miami - Lost to Virginia? Of course they did. Love ACC football.

6 (7) NC State - Took care of Wake to become bowl eligible...

7 (8) Georgia Tech - Came into the Dean Dome and set some ACC records...

8 (6) Duke - Used a bye week to recover from the last two.

9 (9) Maryland - Lost to Clemson, but hopefully didn’t lose any more QBs...

10 (11) Virginia - First the Wolfpack and then Miami. Had it not been for all those other games, might be in the discussion for the conference championship. Might be becoming the team many of us thought they would be all season.

11 (10) Wake Forest - Run over by the up and down Wolfpack. The ACC is so messed up.

12 (12) Boston College - I am assuming we won’t see much fight from BC tonight against the Irish, but either way I don’t think that game can affect their dominant hold on last place.

(X) indicates previous ranking. As always, I welcome your feedback and thoughts. Go PACK!