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Can We Stop With the Derogatory Headlines?

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Undertoe's personal plea to the NCSU Men's basketball team.

Yep, I'm still here.
Yep, I'm still here.
Rob Carr

I hope that the dark overlord doesn't mind, but I feel the need to write an out-of-character mid week post. Sorry folks, but there will be no cheerleader pictures, and no Tweets.

I was going to provide linkage to all of the various sports web sites today, and let you all see the headlines that were written about our club, but I'm just too dang lazy. And I'm not just talking about the UNC slanted local rags, I'm talking about ESPN and CBS as well.

I have a personal plea for our Men's basketball team. I don't know if this here little corner of the internet is one of the ones that they look at, but apparently they read about themselves somewhere. A lot. And they believe it. If they didn't, perhaps they would have put forth a little more effort last night.

That said, here is the meat of my request. I don't care if we don't win every game. A basketball season is a marathon, not a sprint. What I want to see stopped is the use of the words "drums" and throttles" and "embarrasses", when used to describe what the last opponent did to us. If you lose by a few, you weren't "manhandled" or "thrashed". You simply lost a hard fought game. I'm so sick and tired of these asshat writers and their endless glee when they look for new words to embarrass us. Their thesaurus' (thesauri?) must have been on fire today.

No, let's be the ones doing the "butt whipping". But even if we can't, at least try hard enough not to be "taken behind the woodshed" or "beaten like a rented mule". Ok fellas?