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NC State Coaching Search: Mike Leach Contacted ... Or Not

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William Mancebo

Ah, the madness of the coaching carousel. First there was this report from Football Scoop indicating that NC State had contacted Washington State head coach Mike Leach:

We have confirmed that representatives from from NC State have spoken with Mike Leach about their head coaching position. Further, multiple sources tell us the search is focused (at least initially) on sitting (or former) head coaches.

Minutes later, from

I have confirmed the report that has surfaced about NC State contacting Mike Leach (or his representative) is 100% inaccurate. For real news, stay tuned to

Here we go for another ride on this roller coaster of sources and "confirmed reports." It's like putting on that comfortable old sweater for the first time in the winter. Just feels like home, you know?

As for Leach, it would not surprise me if he had been contacted--Debbie Yow appears to be looking for someone who will modernize NC State's offense and bring some added enthusiasm with it, and Leach's air raid passapalooza certainly would do that. But it's also poor timing in that Leach just completed his first season at Washington State, and for that and the reasons laid out here, I'm with CougCenter--this just doesn't make much sense.

If Yow wants to go the air raid route, there are other, younger candidates--more risky candidates, perhaps, but also potentially with bigger upsides--that would come cheaper.

Let's just hope this madness does not extend over multiple weeks like it has in the past.