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Thomas de Thaey Leaves NC State Basketball Program

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TJ Warren, playing time taker awayer.
TJ Warren, playing time taker awayer.
Grant Halverson

It is a sad day, as blog hero and horse of unusual size Thomas de Thaey has decided to return home.

DeThaey will return to Belgium to be with his father, who is ill, and to pursue professional basketball opportunities in his homeland.

"Thomas let our staff know Sunday that he felt it was important to return home to be with his family at this time," Gottfried said. "I wish him the best."

I still believe that, someday, a MegaHorse shall lead them. Unfortunately, the them will not be us. De Thaey wasn't happy with the lack of playing time he's received this season--there was an angsty tweet or two following the Asheville game--so I guess this move shouldn't be terribly surprising. Mark Gottfried was talking about Twitter during his press conference today and dropped this gem:

MegaHorse's departure makes for one fewer Rubik's cube, so you got that going for you, coach.