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NC State Coaching Search: Chad Morris Hasn't Spoken To NCSU, According To Chad Morris

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Tweet that?
Tweet that?
Streeter Lecka's Roy Philpott caught up with Clemson offensive coordinator via text message Tuesday, and Morris says he hasn't spoken with NC State about its vacant head coaching position.

But of course he would say that, and it would more likely be one of his representatives talking to NC State, if in fact there are or were discussions between the two sides. It's obviously no denial of potential interest. There have been rumblings about Morris and NCSU today, and they may have been bogus, but they seemed to be more substantive than the crap-slinging-at-walls that certain outlets have been doing in the early stages of the search. (Tim Brewster! I'm still laughing at that one. Unless that somehow is legit. Then I will be crying.)

We're only in the second full day of the search and I can already feel the internet-induced madness setting in. If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I've gone ahead and had myself committed to a mental institution.