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It's Official: ACC Will Add Louisville

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In the near term, subbing the Cardinals for Maryland should be a gain for revenue sports.

"Oh! That's a cheap shot, Omega!"
"Oh! That's a cheap shot, Omega!"
Andy Lyons

Barflies get ready to try to cash in, Rick Pitino is coming to an ACC area drinking hub soon, as the ACC has voted to extend full membership to Louisville. In the USA Today polls, the Cardinals currently rank sixth in men's basketball and 23rd in football. No current ACC member institution is ranked in both polls.

According to the ESPN article, the ACC chose Louisville over UConn and Cincinnati and has no plans to add any additional teams, though the Huskies and Bearcats would likely be next if any other ACC teams jump ship.

Having already turned to Tulane and East Carolina to try to keep the league afloat after being raided by the expansion of other leagues, the Big East is expected to add Stony Brook and Alaska-Anchorage to try to keep up with the Joneses.

OK, not really.