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Tampa-Pack’s ACC Football Power Rankings - Week Ten

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How’s that beach house looking Tom? Weather sure is nice down there this time of year. I can only imagine how full Yow’s inbox must be right now... Basketball season starts for real really soon. Hopefully Tampa-Pack’s ACC Basketball Power Rankings will actually have some real Power - not one and a half teams somewhat nationally relevant and a remaining pile of crap.


1 (1) Florida State - Man, that loss to NC State is starting to hurt pretty bad, huh?

2 (2) Clemson - Leading Duke big in the third quarter. Please forgive me that I cannot watch any more ACC football, and am going to assume Clemson pulls this one out. I know, its Clemson, so I guess anything could happen....

At this point in the season does anything below really matter? You have a collection of teams that have taken their turns beating each other and have no real post season implications. Some are bowl eligible, some are close, and others are not. Big deal! If I were you I would probably just stop reading here and add a comment about the wasteland that is NC State and ACC football, but hey, I’m not telling you what to do...

3 (3) North Carolina - Bye week before GT? Who would’ve thought??

4 (7) Miami - Taking over the driver’s seat in the conference race. Their fans and ACC championship game officials must be thrilled.

5 (5) Virginia Tech - Lost to Miami to all but ensure they won’t be playing in this year’s conference championship game.

6 (6) Duke - Not looking too good against the conference leaders. Thumped by FSU and down big to Clemson in the third quarter....

7 (4) NC State - Really, that’s how you respond to a loss to Carolina?!? Amazing. Keep staring at the grass Tom...

8 (9) Georgia Tech - Beats Maryland...

9 (8) Maryland - Lost to Georgia Tech. Of course, right?

10 (10) Wake Forest - Took care of Boston College.

11 (12) Virginia - Nothing like meeting NC State the week after being promoted to last in the conference. The Pack can make anyone look like a conference champion...

12 (11) Boston College - Couldn’t extend their conference winning streak against Wake.

(X) indicates previous ranking. As always, I welcome your feedback and thoughts. Go PACK!