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Hiring Coaches Is Not Easy, But Debbie Yow Knows The Best Place To Start


I stumbled on this video last week--it's a discussion between a wrestling site and Debbie Yow about NC State's wrestling hey where are you going no really you should watch this.

The thing that stuck out to me, which I thought particularly impressive, was her philosophy for looking for potential new coaches.

"Who is in the top 25 that doesn't belong based on the financial resources that are available to that individual for his or her team?"

Pat Popolizio may never work out here--though the early signs are encouraging--but as I've said before, the important thing is process, not outcome. If an AD makes the best possible decision based on the information on hand, that is all we can ask. The results are important, obviously, because this is sports and those are the wins and losses, but there isn't anything about the on-field stuff that an administrator can control. All the AD can do is pick the best person suited to handle the on-field stuff, based on data collected during a coaching search.

Yow seems to have a better grip on this than anyone at NC State has in a long time, which is one reason why the athletics department has improved. It's no guarantee of success or titles (see: Beane, Billy) but it's a damn fine place to start. Especially after, well, you know.