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Gottfried Still Deciding On Fifth Starter

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Mark Gottfried met with the media on Thursday, and among other things, he said he hasn't determined who will join Brown, Wood, Howell, and Leslie as the fifth starter.

"I'm still debating it," Gottfried said. "I don't know that's something we've determined or that I've decided yet. And I'm not sure that it's really that important to me. We'll see tomorrow."

Rodney Purvis is probably still the most likely guy to get the nod. Gottfried did say that Purvis is, from an experience perspective, behind the players who went on the Spain trip, which was to be expected. I think T.J. Warren would be best served coming off the bench simply to help set up a good frontcourt rotation, but we'll see.

Gottfried also spoke kindly of Miami (OH):

"They've got a new staff with a ton of energy and some veteran players [who are not very good at basketball]... we're anticipating that they are going to come in here and be a very, very [really not] good basketball team."

I might have added some stuff to that remark.