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Seven Catholic Basketball Schools Breaking Away From Big East

What the Tulane is going on out here?

Stacy Revere

Well, it seems the Big East's basketball-only schools have had enough of all this expansion and business. The league's seven Catholic schools are reportedly on their way out.

"I think it's certain the seven schools will leave, barring some substantial financial or legal impediment," a source with direct knowledge of the situation told

The seven schools will look to form their own league rather than, say, merging with the A-10 and in fact figure to try to poach some schools from that league. Whatever the case, it'll be interesting to watch this group attempt to construct a real basketball-only league amidst all the football-driven stuff. It's also kinda refreshing to see a move like this made more on philosophical grounds than financial ones. "Screw you stupid football jerks I mean Tulane what the hell man we're moving to an island and selling our earthly possessions."

Marquette, Georgetown, Villanova, and St. John's make a solid foundation for a conference, and if they could add, say, Xavier, Creighton, and Butler, it could be a fun league. That is if they ever want to leave that island.