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Dave Doeren Is Already On The Recruiting Trail


Dave Doeren hasn't even been introduced as NC State's head football coach yet, but he's already been in contact with members of the Pack's 2013 recruiting class.

Priester and Fernandez are out-of-state kids, and perhaps two of the 2013 prospects most likely to decommit from NCSU following the coaching change, so this is no coincidence. (Alas, they can't all be Tylar Reagan.) Priester said he will not be signing with NC State if his position coach (Troy Walters) isn't retained. We'll see if that proves true, but it seems clear that Doeren has no problem relating to the kids these days. I'd imagine sky diving gives one all sorts of credibility, which is why I once thought about possibly thinking about maybe potentially signing up for a sky diving thing that is for real and no I really mean it I'm going to do it this time.