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Russell Wilson "From a whole Pack of Badgers"

Former State QB stays ultra-cool by adding diplomatic nod to Wolfpack in lineup introduction.

Mike Ehrmann

Former NC State QB Russell Wilson put on a clinic in the Seattle Seahawks 42-13 win over the San Francisco 49ers Sunday night, but despite his 15/21, 171 yards, 4 TD and 1 INT numbers the most impressive thing he did came before Seattle even took the field. In the introductory lineups the NBC coverage of the game provided, each player declared his name and a hometown or college of origin. Not really paying attention, I assumed Wilson simply introduced himself as being from Wisconsin - that's how the media labels him, after all, and being a State fan I have grown accustomed to ignominy.

It was to my great surprise and swelling pride, therefore, that I noticed many fellow Wolfpackers posting references to Wilson's introduction on social media. I quickly found this Youtube video of the intros, which appeared less than an hour after kickoff (although who knows how long it will stay up, given copyright bah-humbugery). In his introduction, Russell Wilson made perhaps the classiest move I have ever witnessed from a professional football player - declaring proudly that he was "Russell Wilson - from a whole Pack of Badgers".

What can I say? The man is not only a gamer in every sense of the word, an accomplished student with a Masters degree who can pick up entirely new playbooks in a matter of days, and a humble, gregarious member of the community; he is also a DIPLOMAT?

Please excuse me while I go write an email to Debbie Yow begging her to retire this man's jersey and give him a signboard in Carter - Finley. For the type of man he is alone, Russell Wilson deserves that much, regardless of his future successes on the gridiron.