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This Week in ACC Twitterings: From the Future Edition

Welcome to your ACC Tweets of the Week post, where we highlight the funniest stuff said in 140 characters or less, about any and everything related to ACC Sports. Remember, send your suggestions to @jamiefamous72.

For OW, Albuquerque, AZ
For OW, Albuquerque, AZ
Christian Petersen

Another light post from me this week, boys. I've either been on the road or working late every day for the last 2 weeks.

I don't even really have any funny anecdotes for you. I have some more travel pictures, though. Want to see 'em? Too bad, you're going to anyway.

Breaking Bad fans, recognize this place?


I'm pretty sure that's where Hank took Walter Jr. in season one to expose him to the dangers of drug use by introducing him to the hooker. Ahh, the good old days, before melting bodies in acid and plane crashes.

Here's another one from the ABQ:


Meep Meep!

Yeah, I'm bored too, on to the Tweets!

The only thing I like about Duke, is how much they hate UNCheat:

Good. Stuff.

The old man was on it this week again:

Somebody on Twitter actually got their cockles raised over that one. Imagine! Coaching carousel stuff:



HEY! Words hurt, fella. Here's a good one:

YEEAARRGGHHH!!! The Tweet of the week, once again, is not really ACC related, but wins based on pure ingenuity. I want to party with this dude:

Have a good weekend, fellas, hopefully ZON will give us good weather.