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National Signing Day, NC State Recruiting Recap

The 2012 signing day is a wrap for NC State; as it turned out, there wasn't much drama Wednesday morning since the only player to flip (Lakieth Walls) did so on Tuesday evening. Kenderius Whitehead, Jarnor Jones and Charlie Hegedus stuck with the Wolfpack and their letters of intent have been received. has a list of all of the signees, and a statement from TOB:

"Our staff is very excited about the signing class of 2012," said O'Brien, who has led the Wolfpack to the third-best record in the ACC over the past two seasons. "We went into this recruiting year with the intention of adding talent at every position, on both sides of the ball. We are at the point now where we are signing to build a team, not rebuild a position, and we are adding quality depth."

TOB is scheduled to meet with the media at 4:00 p.m. ET.

There is video of each prospect and a few Q&As available at this link. Some highlights:

-- M.J. Salahuddin is related to Ty Lawson.

-- Shadrach Thornton wants to major in civil engineering. And when asked what the most interesting thing about him is, he said, "I have gray hairs (I guess I'm wise beyond my years)."

-- Robert Caldwell lived in Okinawa, Japan for seven years.

-- One reason Marchez Coates picked State: "the atmosphere is too AMP and very LIVE."

-- Bryce Kennedy says NC State is "an infallible place for me."