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Boston College Part II

Since their surprising 2-1 start to league play, the Eagles have lost four in a row, and they've still yet to come close to cracking a point per possession in seven games. When State met them in Raleigh, they were pretty much as advertised: they didn't rebound or shoot well, and they turned the ball over a lot. The Pack should have won that game by more than 14, but sometimes it's tough to avoid cruise control when that's all it takes to win.

It's been less than two weeks since the first meeting, so not much has changed in the big picture, but we do have some more substantial conference-only data at which to look. (If there are any BC fans who happen to be reading this, under no circumstances do you want to look at these figures.)

In league games only, Boston College's offense ranks last in six categories: offensive efficiency (84.7), turnover percentage (24.5), offensive rebounding percentage (19.5), free throw percentage (63.9), block percentage (16.6; meaning that 16.6% of their two-point attempts are blocked by the other team), and steal percentage (14.3% of their possessions end with an opponent stealing the ball).

It's not likely that this roving disaster will be able to score efficiently enough to beat NC State on Wednesday night, but there's always the lingering uneasiness that comes with the fact that they shoot a whole hell of a lot of three-pointers, and anything can happen in any given game.

Also, there's a good chance there will be liveblog tonight.