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Mark Gottfried Talks Rebounding, Supermarket Shoppers

In his Wednesday press conference, Mark Gottfried talked about defending Duke, the dynamics of his coaching staff, and a recruiting trip he once made to Durham. He also said that the team has been working on rebounding a bit more since the Georgia Tech game:

"We didn't rebound very well against Georgia Tech, that was probably the concern and that has been a lot of our emphasis in practice the last couple of days. That will be a huge factor Thursday."

He's definitely right about that. Both Plumlees are outstanding offensive rebounders (Miles is #1 in the nation in OR%), and Duke has been the second best offensive rebounding team in conference play. Another garbage effort like the one in Atlanta would probably doom State to a blowout loss considering how well Duke shoots the ball overall.

On the other side, Duke's defense ain't what she used to be, and if you caught any of the Duke-Carolina game, you might have gotten the impression that the Blue Devils have some issues on the defensive glass. Indeed, that's been a big weakness in league play. State's gonna have to take advantage of that to pull off an upset on Thursday.