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Corchiani, Gugliotta And Rest Of '89 Team To Be Honored With Major Award

NC State is planning to honor the 1989 men's basketball team--which included Chris Corchiani and Tom Gugliotta--prior to the start of Tuesday night's game against UNC:

Wolfpack athletic director Debbie Yow said Sunday that the school will honor the 1988-89 N.C. State basketball team, which won the ACC regular-season title, at Tuesday's home game against North Carolina.

They will also receive an award that was not just made up after Karl Hess ejected Corchiani and Gugliotta from Saturday's game against Florida State.

Yow said the '89 team, the last N.C. State basketball team to an ACC title, will receive the "Wolfpack Unlimited" award for their "refusal to accept the status quo."

This is the 1989 Wolfpack team's first nomination for The Wolfpack Unlimited Award For Outstanding Literary Achievement In The Field Of Bioaeronautics, and their first win. Personally I thought the '68 team was hosed again, but then, that's what I always say this time of year.