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NC State 56, Boston College 51

Four Factors NCSU BC
eFG% 47.8 43.9
Turnover Rate 19.4
Off Reb Rate 28.6 33.3
FT Rate 37.8 26.5

51 56.6 90.1 98.9
NCSU 56 56.6 98.9 90.1

Box Score

The only reason State came away with a conference win on Wednesday night was because Boston College was the opponent, but hey, give the team credit for good timing: if State was going to lay a huge egg like it did tonight, there was no better day on which to do it.

There was an upset on the night, though, and that was the fact that the Pack's 3FGA/FGA ratio was higher than BC's, which is probably just one more indication of the strange/terrible nature of the game. State hit 14 of 28 two-point attempts but didn't seem to have much of a plan for taking advantage of the matchups in the paint. There did not appear to be much of a plan of any sort, really.

Boston College deserves a lot of credit for playing hard and hustling after the ball; it would be easy for them at this point to be going through the motions. I don't know why they haven't made the effort to slow the game down like this all season, because their talent deficit kind of demands that sort of style. They did a good job limiting possessions tonight--sometimes accidentally so, as they came close to shot clock violations by way of poor half-court offense several times--and it almost worked. They have to shorten games as much as possible...the problem, of course, is that aforementioned half-court offense. Quite the pickle you got there, Donahue.

Anyway, the Wolfpack managed to avoid a tourney-bid-killer tonight, and while I still kinda want to punch something, I'm just glad they were able to get out of Chestnut Hill with a win they had to have. Let's hope the guys can get out of this funk at the offensive end before they hit the Duke-FSU-UNC stretch.