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Let's Have An Excessive Demonstration Party

This is the last I'm gonna write on this incident, I swear. Karl Hess offered an explanation to the league and to NC State, and NCSU was more than willing to make that explanation public, not surprisingly.

When I think "excessive demonstration," I think of an overlong sales meeting or something. I feel like there have to be pie charts involved in some capacity.

But since the definition is open apparently to quite a bit of interpretation within the context of a college basketball game, I encourage everyone to really explore the arena space with your own personal adaptations. Swear while doing jumping jacks, pretend it's a disco in 1976, mime your way to the scorer's table on an invisible rope. Whatever works. We have to draw the line somewhere, folks. They've already taken our football celebrations, and now they're trying to take the fun out of being angry at basketball games. Well, I say no more!