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UNC 86, NC State 74

Four Factors NCSU UNC
eFG% 43.6 60.0
Turnover Rate 6.0
Off Reb Rate 38.3 33.3
FT Rate 32.9 42.1

86 66.7 129.0 111.0
NCSU 74 66.7 111.0 129.0

Box Score

That's a strange set of final stats if ever I've seen one. State actually won the rebounding battle against Carolina for once, and of course the Heels responded by picking tonight to hit 10 three-pointers. Oh well, it isn't worth lamenting. We've had zero good luck against Duke or Carolina over the last half decade, so I'm all out of surprise.

If they're able to bounce back from this and close out the regular season they way we know they can, the NCAA tournament is still within reach. This is drinkin' time, sure, but this ain't no quittin' time.